By: niftyba

May 25 2007

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I strongly dislike paltry party gifts. I haven’t been to many weddings (only three so far), but my grandparents have, and I had no idea how popular small wedding couple figurines and votive candles were. Reception favors are a sticky subject. It’s nice to say “Thanks for coming!,” but why send someone home with yet another gel candle? (Obviously, memories of prom still haunt me.)
My ideas for favors so far are as follows…

*small take-out boxes with puto

*individual teacakes or caramel bars

*ribbon bookmarks

*custom mousepads

*cake in a jar!

*mini paper ornament

*personalized tea bags

*wedding cd (with seperate bi and ba mixes)

*good ole standbys: fans and candy pouches

Ehh… it all needs some improvement. Most ideas incorporate the different things that Billy and I each like. I want whatever we give to be an economical and interesting choice. We’ll see!


One comment on “Favors”

  1. i really like the cd idea, mostly cause i like getting new musics. but who doesn’t?

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