Weather and Such (It’s All So Predictable)

By: niftyba

May 26 2007

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So… yeah. I know that it has not rained on May 24 in the last four years. I know this because I actually have a wedding page at I have been telling myself to pay attention to Florida’s spring weather ever since I got engaged. I really hope that it will not rain next year, and one of the most important things I’m paying attention to is the sun…

My favorite time of day is sunset. There’s a little problem with that already, though. We have scheduled our ceremony time with the church at 2pm! I don’t want that anymore. I’m hoping to change it to 5pm now. Since our wedding will be on Memorial Day weekend, having the wedding at a later time gives guests visiting from out of town to go to the beach and explore during their mini-vacation. And not only will the heat (hopefully) be down later on in the afternoon, but the sun will be closer to setting. However, at 5pm, there is still a lot of sun outside. Sunset shouldn’t be until around two or three hours later. Score!

Billy and I still have to e-mail the church lady, Casey, to see if we can reschedule. If we can’t, I’ll live, but I have sadly been losing sleep on this subject. Let’s hope we get five o’clock! I don’t want all of my elderly relatives deliriously hot at the ceremony. Plus… I really wanted the reception to have a nighttime feel. We’ll see! *crosses fingers*


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