The Proposal

By: niftyba

May 30 2007

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Stephanie just got back from her Memorial Day weekend cruise to the Bahamas. I saw some of her pictures, and she went to Atlantis! That reminded me of the fact that not so long ago, I was at Atlantis. And I got engaged! Wow, that was nine or so months ago.

I never really blogged about Billy proposing to me. Truly, he got me there. I had always said that I would know what he was doing before he asked me, but he really surprised me, so much so that I didn’t know what to say. Obviously, he did what anyone would do to surprise a little Ba: Go on vacation with family to the Bahamas, take Ali to the Dig after she napped on the first day there, rescue her from lobsters, sit her down quickly, and ask her to marry you because you couldn’t wait any longer. I was kind of stunned into silence after that, but don’t worry- I got over it! Thinking back on it now, it was a classic Billy move, and every time I remember it, I just want to hug him immensely. I regret not acting very happy afterwards- I didn’t know how everyone else would react. Ugh, Ali! Forget about everyone else! It’s about you, not them! (And I am going to marry Billy, no matter what anyone says! Am slowly learning how to not care what others think.)

It was just amazing. First off, he surprised the world out of me. Second, he saved me from lobsters and proposed to me in an aquarium place (I love aquariums, but I stongly dislike fish)… in the Bahamas. Third, a blowfish was the first to know I was engaged. Fourth, the ring blinded me… I thought it was fake. Fifth, Billy’s smile was one of the best things I have ever seen. Sixth, his parents, and my dad, approved.

I was awestruck over how Billy actually chose the ring all by himself. He said he wanted something that I would like, something unique, and he picked a winner. That made me really sorry for being so mean to him the night before as we were packing for our trip. He knows how to get the best of me.

Billy outdid himself more than I ever thought he would. I was amazed at how well he pulled off one of the biggest plans a person executes in their lifetime. I couldn’t surprise my boyfriend (excuse me- fiance) like that. Just goes to show how awesome Billy is, and I love him so much! (And now I can blind you with my ring, which isn’t a paperweight, but it’s definitely me.)

(I get to marry Billy. Wow. I am truly blessed. *smile*)


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