Ali stepped out for the night…

By: niftyba

May 31 2007

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But I’ll fill in! Yes, that’s right Billy a.k.a. William, will be writing the post for today. So, where should I start? How about everything we have planned so far? I booked the chapel awhile back for 2pm, but Ali has been checking the weather for the last week or so to see what it’d be like in Pensacola around the date and we’ve concluded we needed to changed the time to 5pm or so. I emailed Casey Campbell over at the Pensacola Historical place and she hasn’t gotten back to me just yet. Hopefully she’s all right… If I don’t hear from her by next week I can just give her a call at the office.

We are actually planning on heading up to Pensacola this weekend, impending tropical storm willing, and we’re going to check out our reception place. Well, okay, we’re going to a party at the Fil Am, which happens to be our chosen reception place. It’s a great choice for us, as we went to many a party in that place and it is culturally important as well. Case and point, we will be enjoying some lumpia on Saturday.


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