By: niftyba

Jun 01 2007

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Last night, I went to see “Waitress” with Parisa and Alicia, so I was unable to blog. I asked Billy if he would fill in for me, and I think he did a stellar job. Yay, Billy! He always does more than I expect him to, and his post was just so… cute. Well, to me atleast. Just made me love him even more.

Tomorrow morning, I am picking up Billy and I am picking up Brandi, and we are heading up to Pensacola for a mini-roadtrip. I have a love/hate relationship with taking trips. I’m just not comfortable with feeling blah while traveling. I love moving around and seeing new things, but one feels uprooted and out-of-place sometimes. Because of this, and largely because Billy and I are extremely anal/shy/scared people, I am unsure where we will go for our honeymoon.

The boy likes the sun and beaches (he’s uber-white, hehe). I like sight-seeing and taking photographs (I have no camera, though…). All I know is that I want to go somewhere where I know how to operate the bathroom facilities and a place without so much seafood… which is actually hard to escape, so I might have to forgo that issue.

Check back on this with me in about ten months. This whole ordeal is actually Billy’s part of the wedding preparations stuff-a-ma-lumps.


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