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Jun 08 2007

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Thankfully, the reception site for our wedding is the Fil-Am. If you don’t know what the Fil-Am community center is, then… you haven’t lived. I’ve been to many a party here, starting with the awesome-yet-dreaded 10th birthday party (I hid from singing karaoke). I got $400 from that little shingding! Thanks, Grandma and Grandpa! While I’ll always cringe over the song “Sad Movies,” I’ll always remember how great the party was.

Ten years later, I find myself thinking of ideas of how to prep the Fil-Am into “the best wedding party reception site ever.” Well, I just visited the Fil-Am over the weekend, and I’ve got a lot of work cut out for me. The Fil-Am is great for parties, but isn’t completely known for it’s beautiful structure or details. My favorite parts of the Fil-Am are the stage, front entrance, and foyer. There are so many other things I found that I have to cover up, though! How do I have things hanging from the ceiling AND have the ceiling fans on? How do I cover the mini-televisions that are stuck on the wall, or the strange wooden siding above the bathroom? I’ll have to work with what I have, in amazing ways.

So far, my ideas for the place are…

*photo walls or decals or candles or something along both sides of the main room (that space is just so random)

*Villarama/Riggins family “shrine” in foyer, XMAS lights against the wall mural in there, floating things

*paper lanters/hanging thingies (somehow)

*LED candles on the stage, lights in the background of the stage (somehow learn how to not block Fil-Am sign completely)

*hide fake trees and (hopefully) the disco ball

*just… redo everything…

Okay, so I have no clear plan. Boo hoo. Good thing I’ve got a while to think…

Anyways, I leave you with a look at the building known as the lovely Fil-Am, from Josh Tatel’s graduation party this past early June!


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