Ben Folds does not play weddings. (But does Ana?)

By: niftyba

Jun 14 2007

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Heh! Second first dance post! How repetitive!

I was thinking about it at work today, and as I had mentioned before, the song I have in mind for the first dance is “The Luckiest” by Ben Folds. What is interesting about that choice is that Billy and I share no connected memory with it. I just happened to listen to it one day, and I fell in love with it. So, with that said, the first dance has sort of become what I have demanded it be.

The songs that Billy and I share as “our songs” are not quite the dancing type. Like I’ve mentioned before, I once suggested dancing to the “You and Me Song” by the Wannadies, but it begins with a line about fighting, so that was not approved of. “The Luckiest” can be done with a waltz, and I would love to learn how to dance that with Billy. Ever since I saw Disney’s “Sleeping Beauty,” I had wanted to waltz around a ballroom. I’m not a great dancer, though. Billy knows this. I am no good at all, and any attempts at being graceful would be lost on me. And you should see me try to dance in other ways… we’ve got video tape of that… it’s really scary.

The song is quite slow. Yeah, it’s a slow tempo, but it’s also sort of slow in a way pertaining to mood. Kind of depressing, actually. Especially for Billy. First dances are uplifting things, not songs that make a person want to cry (this song can make me want to cry). I love this choice, however, and I hope it sticks. I desperately want Ana and her sister Mercedes to perform this at the reception, so I must find sheet music soon! I think that it would be beautiful.


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