Martha Stewart, please do my wedding.

By: niftyba

Jun 17 2007

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After Billy worked a bit today and after I woke up from a nap, we headed over to Michael’s while on an errand trip. It was an interesting visit to the craft store. I was looking to use a coupon on the new Martha Stewart Crafts line, but it was excluded, but Billy and I did get to look around and have fun talking about things.

I was so surprised at how Billy responded to what I pointed out as what I wanted at our reception. He’s actually more into the whole look of things than I thought he would be. On his own, he said that if this wedding wasn’t girly, there was something wrong with the both of us. Yay, we get to have a girly wedding! Billy’s a big girl when it comes to some things, and apparently, he wants a big romantic wedding. I’m down with that. I asked for an emotional guy, and I got one.

He loved the paper pom pom set I showed him from the Martha Stewart aisle. It was $20, and he thought that was a good price. I have a feeling we could replicate that for much cheaper. He liked it so much that he said we could have them in many different colors, and he even took a picture of the box with his camera phone! He also found a solution for the many ceiling fans that are in the Fil-Am- just put fishing weights on the pom poms when they’re up. Yay!

I was more interested in the paper flower kit. Even before I got engaged, I knew I wanted a paper bouquet. I saw one from a Martha Stewart Weddings magazine from a while back, and everyone online fell in love with it, too. I’ve tried matching fake versions of some of my favorite flowers, like peonies, to my dress, but they just seem too much. I’d love something delicate, and I’d love to try paper flowers. Not sure I want to spend $20 on the kit, though. Must think that through.

Billy also really loved the paper flower favor box kit. He really wants to have them, and I am determined to make my own version for him. He even suggested getting someone off Etsy to make them for us. That’d be so expensive! I’d rather brave that task myself.

There were several things that we saw that Billy would also like that I was not so hot about. They include favor wedding rings, favor boxes, wedding arches, little bells, and other cute things. He especially wants me to get a tiara. Well, at least I know he has an opinion.

It’s really nice to be able to ask Billy what he thinks, and to have him in turn actually hold a real conversation and have an idea of what he would also like. He has always surprised me in this way, where he actually is interested in what I’d like to talk about. I’m glad we are on the same page about many things, and I hope this wedding is everything we could have ever dreamed about. So, we’ve got real flowers and tradition planned for the ceremony, and paper cuteness for the reception. Billy even wanted the bird place cards that were on an idea page in the Martha Steward aisle. Then again, he first thought the bird was a squirrel…


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