Money, Money, Money!

By: niftyba

Jun 27 2007

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If you know me (Ali), you know at least two things about me when it comes to money: 1) I don’t like to spend a lot of it on expensive things, and 2) I don’t like to ask for it.

Our wedding has been a tough situation for me to deal with personally. I am a student, I have very little money, and here I am, getting ready to embark on “the most important day ever.” Even since I got engaged, the average price of a wedding has risen by several thousand dollars, and it has only been 9 or so months! Do people really spend upwards of $25,000- $30,000+ on weddings? Is it really necessary?

Well, I need to step back and think about it this way: If it is the “most important day ever,” one would naturally want the best. Say it’s a destination wedding, which is already mega bucks to begin with. Or one wants a grand ballroom, or a big swing band, or a chic and glamorous ceremony spot in an urban city. There are people who have ideas in their heads that will ultimately end up costing as much as a mortgage.

I’m deathly afraid of not being able to support myself after getting married, but not so much as the prospect of actually having to *ask* anyone for any money. If I could, I would pay for everything myself, but if I tried to do that now… meet me in my grandparent’s backyard for a quickie ceremony with Homeboy and a bingo reception. A few months ago, my father mentioned to me that all I had to do was tell him what wedding costs I had and he’ll take care of it. Would I actually do that? No way. I don’t even like to ask for new glasses or trips to the doctor (which are things I finally asked for after four or more years of avoiding it).

I don’t want a flashy wedding. The flashiest things I’ll probably have are bows on the reception chairs and millions of Christmas lights. I’m trying to stay away from beverage fountains as much as I can, although Billy might actually want them. I think I’ll have to let go of my issues/pride and actually ask for financial help in this endeavor. Although I don’t want a lot, it will end up costing more than I probably have budgeted so far. And if I do somehow reach $30,000 something dollars… I at least hope I have a good cake.


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