Love = doodles.

By: niftyba

Jul 10 2007

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If Billy Riggins ever stops drawing me cute drawings, I’ll take that as a sign of the end. In his own little way, Billy likes to draw pictures of furry things and ourselves, and it’s actually quite endearing. I try to do the same thing, too, but I really think hamsters beat whatever I draw. The best things in life are sometimes handmade, and made with love.

I’d love to go through my piles of saved papers to find all of the cards we’ve given to each other, and incorporate the drawings we have into the wedding. It’s original, it’s us, and it’s very cute. I know that Billy and I are fans of the very formal floral designs and such that most weddings are about, but… I’m not floral all of the time, unless it’s on a bedsheet dress that I am wearing.

We’ve been bumbling through our wedding website design for a while now. At first, I wanted it to be pink and beige, and it would look like a vintage postcard thing. Then there was the backup preference of cherry blossoms. Then, at one point, we thought about making a site out of things that we’ve drawn. Now that I remembered the cards that we’ve given to each other, they’d be the perfect backdrop for our wedding website. Also, Billy’d probably get to use his new skills with that faux Flash program.

I love paper, and anything illustrated. I am having Kate Dolamore paint a picture of us (semi-looking-like-us, at least) in front of Old Christ Church. I know it’s a different look than our meager doodles, but that can be the more “formal-ish” part of the wedding. I don’t know… I think I just like being creative with all this. It’s like I’m throwing the best party in the world- and really, I am!


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