By: niftyba

Jul 11 2007

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Also, I came up with this idea while doodling in Astronomy class. (I swear I’ll pass… just have to stop doodling…) I really love the paper blossoms on bare branches idea, and I love, love, love how it’s used as a wishing tree in this picture.

That is a huge tree, though. The Fil-Am is made for, well… Filipinos. We’re short. I don’t think we’d be able to reach that far up, and the building doesn’t really have high ceilings. Soooooo… while I was doodling… I thought of this: since I want fake flowers and branches of some sort as the centerpieces (along with some candles) of the reception tables, why not have sort of mini versions of the bigger wishing tree at each table? I’d have the tree with paper flowers on it, a small stack of decorative papers to hang up, and a tin of colored pencils and pens. People could wish us good luck, give us advice and such, and still have a nice centerpiece that also gives people some sort of entertainment if they’re bored. I’d encourage them to draw bunnies and stick them all over the tree. It’d be so cute to collect the papers afterwards and put them in an album. I love it when people doodle.

All right, that was an interesting thought. Hopefully the next thing I tackle won’t be halo halo vs. shaved ice before the reception starts. (Billy not-so-secretly kind of wants to force people to eat halo halo.)


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