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By: niftyba

Jul 17 2007

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I was speaking to my grandmother yesterday, and there are many things about the upcoming wedding that sort of peeve her. First, I don’t really like white (yet). Second, I said “No tulle!” (That may change.) Third, I do not have a MAID OF HONOR.

Just in case you don’t know, I have five best friends: Brandi, Ana, Krista, Jenna, and Kyle. So far, all the girls are bridesmaids. Krista said I should make Kyle stand up there with them, most likely in a dress, just because he’d be so happy to be there. Well, I hope everyone will be so happy to be up there with me. I can’t choose just one person to be my maid of honor, unlike Billy, who has Thomas. I’ve considered ordering my friends up by height (Kyle would completely throw that off), which would be somewhat better since I’m kind of short. What’s a girl to do? I love them all, and dear golly, they’re all pretty honor-iffic. Plus, I am rethinking the ugly dresses for them (j/k).

Yesterday, my grandmother suggested we have a raffle to choose my maid-of-honor. I’d go with a battle of the wits/Q-tip throwdown sort of thing… but a raffle seems more ladylike.

I just did a test run of a raffle-ish sort thing where I wrote all of my friends name on scraps of paper and shuffled them around in my hands for a good minute. Who won?

… Kyle.


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