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By: niftyba

Jul 18 2007

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At about 1:50am, I woke up from the first nightmare I’ve had since I was six. This time, I dreamt about a bug on me. Can it be due to worry?  Hope not!

But why am I still up almost an hour later, researching stuff? Sad.

Anyways, Billy and I need to send out our save-the-dates soon (yay!). I love paper. I love paper. I love… Billy. And paper. We don’t have much time, and we need a fast turnaround time. I’ve heard a lot of good things about, along with some not so good things, but I think they’ll have to do. Once we get the design down, we’ll have to upload it to the site and make sure everything is okay before we order. It won’t be the handcrafted deal I would have wanted, but I’m nearing my STD budget limit, so I don’t really care right now. I think we’ll get the regular sized postcards, with rounded edges (yay, it’s like a Billy website!).

So, we’ll get those designed and ordered, and then off into the world we’ll venture, handing them out. I have this crazy idea of just handing most of them out instead of mailing them, because I really don’t have the address of anyone, but hopefully that won’t happen for everyone. Billy didn’t seem too keen on me handing my Grandma a stack of save-the-dates and her going to town inviting everyone, even after that stack was gone. Billy mentioned having an e-mail or website version of the announcement, and I think that’s a pretty good idea, too, since there are a lot of people who we contact online only.

Here are some sample pictures of a set of postcards and a set of business cards ordered from the site. They look pretty decent. I wouldn’t be too surprised if we end up with bunnies and ice cream cones on ours…



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