By: niftyba

Jul 19 2007

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Billy posted before me, and I must say, I learned a few things I never knew about him. I enjoy his writing style, and the words “whirlwind,” “ramp up,” and “tis.” Also, I did not know he actually wanted to taste food! That may be due to the fact that we were discussing cake flavors the other night (we have two rules: no fruity fillings and no fondant), or because he likes to eat.

Anyways, before I head to bed, I saw this picture on Weddingbee (Ms. Gummi Bear is the cutest). In a perfect world, this would be Billy and myself, but… Billy would get too much of a kick out of a flower in my hair, so no. I really love the scroll at the bottom, though! That’s exactly what I wanted for our save-the-dates! In “cartoon land,” Billy and I aren’t so round and small and Japanese-ish, but… it’s how we roll. (And BTW, what’s up with white guy + asian girl? Is that, like, the best combination in the whole world? Maybe.) (Draft picture by Kate Dolamore.)






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