STD: The beginning!

By: niftyba

Aug 02 2007

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So, there comes a time when you know you have to start working on a wedding because the groom’s father mentions save the dates. We really need to send those out. Ever since last May, I’ve been slowly freaking out, but now that it’s already August (omg!), the pressure is ON! Paper and planning is all fun and games until you have to finally commit to something, and making decisions is a somewhat difficult task for me. I usually end up changing my mind so many times (believe it or not, I used to want a formal, dark red and white winter wedding… eek!).

Because our wedding is during a holiday weekend, I suppose it’s true that we’re going to have to give out a considerable amount of warning to people if they want to come. I mean, I hope they come, but if they skip me for the beach… I’ll spurn them with sunburns! (Just… kidding…)

Save the dates, in my mind, can be very cute and fun. I know that Billy would like something more put-together and formal for the invitations, so I’m using the STDs (“save-the-dates” in wedding lingo, apparently) as an excuse to go all-out cutesy. Ok, not all out- I have to convey a sense of maturity AND cutesy with these. I’m not mature, but I do wear bright pink shoes to work, so I’m definitely in with the cutesy.

As a nod to Billy (who’s more conservative unless there are bunny stamps involved), I’ve chosen brown envelopes and some cute scrap booking papers for liners. I’ll have to put some pictures of those up later. I’ve only finished 30 of them, so I’ve got about 70 or even more to go (I’m unsure because I still don’t know how many people we’ll give these out to).



(from sydandgoose)

I love the brown enevelopes, but I have a bit of a problem- how do we address them without 1) Ali breaking her hand because she attempted to hand address everything with a nice gold pen?, and 2) without horribly looking like we printed the labels off the computer in a minute. I say “horribly” because if the labels look “blah,” it’ll just not work. So, I’ve been thinking: should we stamp things all over the label paper before we print addresses on them, should we punch cute designs out of the labels, should we buy some, should we just hand write the addresses and never be able to hold a cup again, should we? … I don’t know. All I know is that we need to get them finished in a streamlined and easy way.



(from jeffreywithtwof’s)

Or, you know, we can attempt this. I couldn’t help but love the look. It’s printed, it’s original, and really really cute. I think I need to stop using the word “cute” now.



(from Kfan)

If anything: I know that these have to be ready and shipped off before school starts (August 20th). OoOooo, our very first deadline.


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