Busy times.

By: niftyba

Aug 20 2007

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For those of you who do not know, I (Ali) am still in school. I graduate this December. School started today, and this means I will be busier than usual. There’s school, work, and THEN wedding stuff to concentrate on. Or Christmas presents. Hmm… we’re sending out invitations near Christmas time. We should make that into a present. Or not.

Anyways, recent times have been jam-packed with planning and then executing those plans! Okay, so there really has been no planning, but I try. Here’s the rundown…

We’ve sent out our save the dates! Well… most of them at least. Thanks to Billy and Mrs. Riggins for the much needed help. Mrs. Riggins sent hers off, I gave Grandma hers, and then Billy and I need to work on our friends portion. Everyone will hopefully get theirs soon, but at least some are out in the world. (On the most part, people like them. Or at least they’re able to read and understand them.)

Dress shopping is no longer a pasttime I enjoy. I learned the hard way by bringing my grandmother with me. Although it was much better to have her there, I spent a lot of time letting her pick things out. And strangely, she picked out the dress I chose while I was in Pensacola. Granted, she liked the dress after that one better, but she chose it, and I’m sure she and I will have a good time fixing it up. I tried on over a dozen different dresses, at about 6 different places, and the one I chose so far is very different from what I had wanted originally: it has major beading AND lace AND tulle. I remember my mantra from the beginning of our engagement: no tulle, no lace, no fluff. That’s all falling apart now. This was a cheaper dress, found at a second hand consignment shop, but I loved the feeling of it for some reason. We’re going to change it to a corset top, and hem it up (obviously), and hopefully bring the neckline down (it’s way too high). I’m very excited! Especially if there’s a veil and a crinoline involved soon! Hopefully grandma’s ok with me wearing an off-white dress with flats.

Billy and I might work on iPod playlists for the reception. We know there’s some specific music that certain people might want at our wedding, such as “booty shaking” or Filipino line dancing music, but it’s our wedding, and we’d like to actually understand what’s being played. We’ve got lots of friends who would love to help with this. As long as we get stuff we like along with lots of oldies, we’re fine. Plus, I don’t really like DJs. Or the chicken dance. (Although we’re still doing the electric slide to Ben Lee and Guster.)

Also, apparently our wedding date is in a popular month for weddings. Billy’s paternal grandparents’ wedding date is the day BEFORE ours, and my grandparents and my Aunt Vilma and Uncle Will’s are in May, too. Nice!  


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