I like it simple.

By: niftyba

Aug 23 2007

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Yes, I like flowers. Just not as much as some people. I am known to have artificial flowers all over my room, but maybe that was influenced by living with my grandmother, who has a million flowers, fake and real, everywhere. I think she loves flowers and color more than anyone, although she really loves black and white. You couldn’t tell that by looking at her stuff, though. Anyways, there’s been this tiny iffy area about flowers for the wedding. When I wanted a winter wedding a long time ago (way before Billy even asked me to marry him), I definitely wanted red roses. Then I went through this phase of love, love, loving paper flowers. I saw it in Martha Stewart like everyone else, and I still slightly asprire to have them somewhere in my wedding. I’m not much for flowers on tables or flowers on pews or flowers in my hair… but it actually seems to be that I’ll have that. Strange.


I was looking at some flower sites today, and I was drawn towards this style…the following have dendrobium orchids in them. Why do I like dendrobium orchids?! I thought I liked… bif fluffy things, like peonies and pink carnations. Well, grouped together, these look fluffy and nicely white. It’s quite nice.

(from Martha Stewart Flowers)

Exotic White Elegance Arrangement

(from Fifty Flowers)


Then I went crazy, and fell in love with THIS.


(from Cottage Living)

It’s a HUGE BRANCH! (Which I want at the wedding… well, lots of branches.) WITH THOSE SAME ORCHIDS HANGING OFF THEM. Strange. I like it. I… I want to do this. And lucky for me… there are instructions on the site! A wedding idea from Cottage Living?!


2 comments on “I like it simple.”

  1. Hehe, you’re adorable, you know? We’ll have whatever you wish, and it’ll be the best day of my life. 😉

  2. You say that now, but wait until I’ve annoyed you until kingdom come, and you lock me in a closet with a flashlight and a Hello Kitty stuffed doll for my own good. I love you.

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