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By: niftyba

Aug 27 2007

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So, yeah… it’s been a year (our one year engagement anniversary was the 14th, btw), and Billy and I still haven’t announced our engagement in a newspaper. Not that it’s necessary, but I kind of feel like I’d like to see ourselves in print. Of course, I keep changing my mind about what I’d like it to be like. So far, I have two rules: 1) We can’t have our arms around each other, and 2) Nothing with horrible flash. I’d like to see something like… these beauties…

(from KariAnn)

(from Jasmine Marsden)

On other words, not stuffy and not too lovely dovey, but definitely cute. Billy loves my Aunt Emily’s engagement photos, because they’re very cute and very nice. I’d like to have a photoshoot somewhere different… like the UCF campus. I’d love to be in the Math and Physics building… or the new Engineering one! Oh, gosh, we need to do that…

Billy got a camera-stick-thingy recently (a… tripod), and maybe we’ll do a photoshoot on campus soon. I’ll have to check with the office (I work for the President) to see if that’s okay… awesome idea.


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