Where shall we register?…

By: niftyba

Aug 27 2007

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(from Elena777 on Flickr)

I don’t remember much of France (moslty rain and EuroDisney), but the store Anthropologie makes me think of what homes in France look like. Or should look like. Or what my home will look like.

It’s stunningly disappointing to find such wonderful things at this store, then to learn it costs seven million times what one would have to pay if it were found at an antique dealer or even handmade. I can’t help but love it, though.  When Billy and I visited an Anthropologie last month, we each loved random things that were found around the store, especially things for the home. I really wanted to make it a part of our registry, but I thought they didn’t have one. Then I found that they had a wish list! So… definitely putting Anthropologie as our big-ticket item store.

Where else should we register? We’ve got a lot of people coming from many places, and not everything is available where they are. So far, I’m thinking that we’ll have Target, for sure. Other than that, I do not know. I think a dream store for each of us would be IKEA, but… that isn’t possible (or is it? hmm…).

What would we ask for anyways? I’d love to ask for furniture, although that is definitely not practical. Other things would probably be lots of linens, plates, and the AWESOME baker’s edge brownie pan (I desperately want that). Billy’d probably ask for… curtains. Just kidding. He’d love a hamster on the list. Or a cat.


One comment on “Where shall we register?…”

  1. NOBODY take the cat…that’s MINE

    besides…who’s going to keep me company while you two are gaga-eyed and busy on your honeymoon?

    ❤ you

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