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Sep 07 2007

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I had a panic attack about time last night. I was reading a Martha Stewart Weddings timeline for planning, and I freaked out because I thought the wedding was only five months away, and I hadn’t even bought a dress or booked a photographer. There are actually quite a few more months until May, but I’m already beginning to crack.

I’ve been mini-panic-attacking so much that I want to get a wedding planner person. Pensacola is so far away- how can I do all this without being there? Maybe I shouldn’t cave into that. We’ve got a lot of people who would help.

I haven’t posted in a while, sorry. I’ve been busy with school and work, and both of my personal computers have broken! Whee! Now is not the time to invest in a new computer, but I desperately need one for school. Nevermind that, here are some shots of cute bird’s nest that I (randomly) would love to have! (Ok, so far, we’ve got paper, branches, and birds as a theme. Strange.)

(from Wedding Favorites)

(from Williams Sonoma)

4 bird nests and 12 tiny eggs

(from the key to vintage charm)


OR, build your own gosh darn nest, made from strips of paper with this kit…

(from CariKraft)


And, I know this isn’t a nest, but I saw part of Ashley Carter’s collection in a shabby chic vintage shop in Virginia, and ever since, I’ve wanted her stuff as a cake topper. Too bad this goes for over $200!!!


1920s Wedding Topper Wish Box

(from Ashley Carter)


I hope everything turns out lovely!


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