Almost only 8 months left!

By: niftyba

Sep 13 2007

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Billy and I have a major planning meeting set up for this weekend. We will (hopefully) be going to Pensacola later this month to start some serious vendor looking, etc. Plus, I desperately want my dress. (More about that… later.)

Some things we’ve figured out…

*Both of the photographers I had wanted, Rae Leytham and Genya Garrett, are already booked. Must keep on looking!

*We want vanilla cheesecake as our cake.

*BM dresses chosen, mostly.

*Still doing this theme…





*Billy will wear a kilt!


*I know what kind of veil I want/want to make.


*Working on iPod djs.


*Same guest book a the church and the reception. (Billy wants a normal guest book. This will suit Gma. Please, no feather plume pens.)


*Figured out gifts for best maids/men.


*There will be a random Filipino buffet, sans whole pig and whole fish. And lots of puto. (Maybe even a puto-filled cupcake stand!)

Things we really need to work on…

*How to make things equally Scottish and Filipino. Solution so far? Chocolate meat served next to haggis. (J/K.)

*Places for out-of-towners to stay


*My strange lack of flowers




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