BM dresses: hopefully the first and last post on this.

By: niftyba

Sep 13 2007

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Things I usually waste my time researching for this wedding: branches, stationary, “tablescapes,” and bridesmaids dresses. Somehow, I have become more obsessed with bridesmaids dresses than I am with myself. Maybe it’s because I love my friends, and I want them to look great. Plus, I have to make them feel fabulous about themselves if I’m going to take a million pictures of them. Yeah, this is one day they cannot hide. And if they do… I’ll just have to sit in a corner and cry. Anyways, earlier this week, I told Billy I wanted to make the bridesmaids dresses. Sad ambition, but Gma said I should make them pay for their own dresses, and I don’t want them to have to go out and buy something they’ll never wear again. I made a dress last fall that is similar to what I would like the “BMs” to wear- something with straps and a comfortable fit. I actually found a similar style at J. Crew. I think it’s cute, but then again, it’d be something I’d wear myself, and Billy does not like that it makes me look like a little girl. I’m sorry I’m not “woman-y” enough. And sorry to my bridesmaids, too. Hopefully this will be in a brown or even a very light beighy pink- I’d probably make the bridesmaids (Krista, Jenna, Brandi, and Ana) pay for some of the cloth. And being pretty thrifty, I wouldn’t use uber-expensive cloth or something. I’d like to think this would be a dress they could wear the beach or a summer party some other day, so it’s got to be durable and nice enough. If I could make something like this for myself, I hope I (and Gma and others) can help streamline 4 others.

(Picture of my own similar dress, which I wore to last year’s Rock the Universe. It was interestingly made of raincoat-ish material, so it was nicely fast drying when it rained or if sweat attacked me. I look… like a doofus.)



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