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By: niftyba

Sep 19 2007

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NOTE: The copy/paste job done here was obviously by me… and is quite horrible. Twill be fixed soon!

I respond to visuals more than anything. So, throughout this whole time before the wedding, I’ve utilized Flickr for wedding ideas more than my beloved Weddingbee or other sites. I tried The Knot, but… it somehow got too complicated for me, so I rarely go on there. It’s easier to just pick out the best pictures by searching rather than looking at complete weddings. Anywhoo… all I know is that I will not be using gel candles.

Here are some pictures that inspired me today. I can’t really explain why for all of them because that would take a lot of time and rambling. No one wants that, really. So, I’ll limit my descriptions to TEN words. (Really hard for me to do, actually…)

We want wedding cheesecake to look like real wedding cake.

(from stateofmain)
Could I make a DIY version of this cute topper?

(from annwood)





Goes with our “whimsical nature” theme, as Billy said recently.
A little too nature-y, but I love the knitted vase!
(from khabir)

Mrs. Riggins suggested nests and egg candy favors, how cute!

(from nightbird’s day is coming)



I loved the look of this bare twig/lights wreath.
(from mrlemonjelly)


Wonder if Doug will mind Filipino/slightly Catholic undertones ceremony…
(from ohtoberich)


I was going to write about a photograph of Daniel Radcliff doing the “Hands, Feet, and Wands” ceremony in Hollywood during the summer to signify the possibility of doing a hand ceremony in lieu of a candle ceremony, but alas, there’s no need for Harry Potter here… yet.


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