London Calling*

By: niftyba

Oct 05 2007

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Billy and I still have no idea where we would like to go on our honeymoon. Mix traveling and our strange tendencies, and it’s no wonder that we’ve not picked a place yet. Recently, we’ve thought of London. I’m a freak about anything from the UK. I have always wanted to run around on some hill and pretend I’m Jane Austen. That’s like saying I want to come to American and run around on the prairie like Laura Ingalls Wilder. No one needs to see that. (Billy would pretend to be Austin Powers or that Fat Man from the films, and I would in turn run away.)

If we do go, I desperately want to go to Madame Tussaud’s Wax Musuem. I love wax celebs!

Like Jaime Oliver! The Naked Chef!

(from A.Schwenke)

Ever since I read it in a children’s book, however, I’ve wanted to go to the part of the wax museum that shows all the gruesome stuff. The pictures are way too gruesome to post here. I am actually very, very afraid of seeing such things, but I have always wanted to force myself in there. Sort of like how I handle watching horror films: I make myself watch them, and then spend most of the time covering my eyes.

Things I’d Pesonally Like to Do in London

-watch “Billy Elliot: The Musical”

-find Banksy work in London

-London aquarium

-Tower of London (for it’s history of torture)

-Cleopatra’s Needle


The Writer sculpture

-see the Millennium Bridge and ride the Millennium Eye

-eat at Josephine’s Filipino Restaurant and Goldilocks

Ok, that seems like a lot of touristy stuff. I’m a touristy person.

(*I wish I didn’t feel the need to use a Clash title, but… I couldn’t help it.)


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