I thought I said no frills.

By: niftyba

Oct 19 2007

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At the beginning of wedding planning, I was adamant about several things: no tulle, no lace, no beading, no FRILLS. Now, it appears that I have been beaten. I *almost* chose a dress with all of those forbidden things combined. Then I got flustered and went back to my initial minimalist design. It’s hard choosing things when part of you wants something really simple and the other part wants stuff in excess.

Anywhoo, I thought I’d post about some invitations I’ve been looking at. Sadly, the name of the set is “Fabulous Frills.” I could do without that part. After DIY-ing the save the dates, I’m all right with going mainstream for invitations at this point. We’ve got a budget of $400 for the invitations (with extra money going towards other stationary, like thank you cards and ceremony programs). I found the invitations for a good price online, but I keep changing my mind about them. I loved them when I first saw them, but I know that Billy wanted something more elegant and traditional. What do you think? Also, I’m not sure if I want the version with pink swirls, because I rather like the green ones, even though green isn’t one of the colors (the colors are pink, brown, and creme- how did I even choose those?).

(from Wedding Solutions)


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