Again with the frills, or as I like to call them, swirls.

By: niftyba

Oct 20 2007

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It’s a calm and rainy Saturday morning. I am up way too early, and I am also at my house for a change. Usually I am with Billy and his family. It is strange to be in one’s own house during the weekend in my case. Why is that? (Cos it’s much more fun than being at my house!)


I was perusing Etsy this morning, as always, for all the amazing things I cannot make and could only dream of. I’m only half crafty. The other part of me is v. lazy. That description of me could possibly apply to my planning part of the wedding as well. Hopefully not. *…* Anyways, I found a notecard set at Michelle Brusegaard’s Etsy shop, and I think it’s really cute. I love doodle-y swirls. If I could somehow convince her into making it into an invitation, that’d be uber-sweet. Slap our names or a quote up on the top, and use typewriter font to do the words. And it’s printed on her inkjet printer, so it shouldn’t be too hard (but what do I know?). I should definitely keep this in mind, and maybe contact her later.



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