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By: niftyba

Oct 23 2007

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… But while I am supposed to be writing my assignment for Development of Social Thought, I can’t stop thinking about the HONEYMOON! (Maybe it’s because I don’t want to be doing homework right now, and would rather be basking in the sun.)

Yeah, I know it’s a bit strange for me. I hadn’t originally wanted to go on a cruise. I don’t like heights and deep water, so it’s getting kind of scary when I think about going on a cruise. I think I saw “Titanic” way too many times. And, I have this strange fascination with food and towel animals, as if I’m going to eat 24-7 and gain twenty pounds, because that’s exactly what I would do (and then I’d fall asleep with a menagerie of artfully folded towels all around me).

But, and pardon my choice of words, this is “hella exciting.” Ok, never using that phrase again, but it’s how I feel at the moment. We have never been on a cruise together, and we’ve also never been on a trip alone before. We get to do and see lots of stuff, worry a lot less than necessary, and the cruise that we chose covered all of our requirements for our honeymoon, too! I’d tell you where we would be going, but I forgot, but I know it’s somewhere I’ve never been!

Is it sad that I’m increasingly looking forward to this? Wedding’s gonna rock.


(from wpspoth)


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