I like pie.

By: niftyba

Oct 25 2007

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(from newsday.com)

So… my favorite new show of the fall television season is “Pushing Daisies.” Everything on the show looks so colorful and quirky- I just want to eat it all up like a piece of Ned’s yummy pie! Is it strange, then, that I’d want to kind of dress up like Ned and Chuck for our engagement pictures?

Chuck reminds me of me, especially when they showed that picture of her in pigtails, happily looking like a fool.


Plus, her dresses are amazing!

(from sarawwr)

They are enough to make any woman stop wearing pants or shorts forever. I love her style, and if that’s what I get from living with two anti-social, ex-synchronized swimmer aunts, so be it. (I lived with my grandmother, however, and that’s how I dress.) (And she has great hair.)

Ned reminds me of Billy. Sometimes, Ned even does that little smile Billy does. Kind of like this smile…

(from piphichiquita)

And he has sideburns. And wears, like, only two colors. Like Billy. *duh*

So, I just wanted a reason to post these pictures. And to say that I wish we could look as cute in our engagement pictures, because I like cute, and I like anything that makes us look like we’re in some strange “Amelie” land! That’d be a good thing!!


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