What Kind of Groom is He?

By: niftyba

Oct 25 2007

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I, err, strangely took a quiz (a quiz?!?!) on the Knot (why was I even there?) to see what kind of groom I was with. I think I already knew before I was told.

Billy is:  Planner Extraordinaire

This guy is an organizational dream — attacking wedding issues like a calculus professor deconstructs factorials. He’s thoughtful without being nit-picky, strong without being overbearing, compassionate without being a pushover. He also knows his nuptial stuff, having done a fair amount of his own research. Here’s his problem: He can get very tied to tradition, something that may surface when it’s time to think outside of the box. Your groom may have it set in his head that invitations are “supposed” to be engraved or that the processional “must” work this way or that — and he won’t be prepared for any creative thinking you might want to bring to the table. The best solution? Have him look at photos of other weddings so he can get his nose out of the etiquette books and see what’s really going on in the wedding world.


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