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Oct 26 2007

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So… less than ONE MONTH until IKEA opens in Orlando! I am super excited! I have already told Billy that we must make a trip on the 17th- the Saturday right after it’s grand opening! I have always wanted to live near one, which is one reason I wanted to move back to Virginia. Now I can stay here! I’ve been feeling pretty guilty about using plastic utensils at the reception (no one would pay attention to the recycle bins I would put up), so I’ve been thinking about buying cheap wares. Here are some awesome picks from the Ikea website, not only for eating, but for a whole lot of other stuff, too! They’ve even got the light curtain I had envisioned for the stage! (BTW, anything cheap gets me in a tizzy). (All images from ikea.com)


$2.99 for a 16 piece silverware set

  FÄRM Vase

Cute vases, $1.99 each.

  HULTET Room divider

Room dividers, for $49.99 each.

  ISIG Decorator set

18 pack of ornaments, $3.99

  REGOLIT Pendant lamp shade

Paper lantern for $4.99

  POKAL Tumbler

Tumbler cups, a six pack for $3.99

  MOTTO Plate

Plate for $.59

  SYNTES SKISS Paper napkin

Really awesome paper napkins for $1.99

  GLÄNSA STJÄRNA Hang lights/ drape 48 bulbs, indoor

Drape lights for $16.99

I calculated how much buying silverware, plates, 4 packs of paper napkins, and those tumbler cups would be for the reception… total, without tax, based on 140 people coming, is about… $290.97.

Hmm…strangely, that doesn’t seem like a lot, considering you’re getting service for 140 people. How much is renting from a catering company? The Ikea cost is one paycheck for my measly self. We’ll see…


One comment on “IKEA!”

  1. i like what i see! except for the tumblers, but everything else is awesome!

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