By: niftyba

Nov 01 2007

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First off, I must say that I have the most awesomest bff (boyfriend forever)!!! Billy has ventured out not only once, but TWICE, to fix my Internet, and he actually fxed it! I am eternally grateful. and I am no longer allowed to touch anything with wires. Now I owe him a scoot in the park and a trip to scout out the elusive Wii on Sundays. And so much more. Billy’s the bestest!

On the wedding front, exciting news! I placed an order for my DRESS. Strange, huh? Yeah, this whole dress thing has been pretty strange for me, like riding a roller coaster. I cannot wait until I get it, which will probably be in January! I wish I could show it to everybody, but then it wouldn’t be a surprise. All I can say is that it’s definitely different that what Grandma wanted. (Btw, my grandma had back surgery! She’s ok, and hopefully recovery will be smooth and as comfortable as possible!)

Also, my dad and Reena went to India last week for a month, with baby Anika! So, they won’t be around to talk about budgets for a while, but I must say… I’m going to freak out soon. Only less than 7 months left!


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