Why I Am Not Having a MOH

By: niftyba

Nov 04 2007

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A MOH is a Maid of Honor. In my case, I have multiple MOHs.

My grandmother is desperate for me to choose just one maid of honor. I really couldn’t do it if I had to choose.  No matter how it went, I would feel guilty. There are many ways to hurt people, and in the past, I have learned that choosing one person over another can really effect your friendships.

Billy and I had dinner with Thomas the other night. He is Billy’s Best Man. Thomas said I needed to find a MOH, and said that whoever would save me from falling over a cliff or something should be my MOH. Also, he said that whoever liked Billy the best should be my MOH. For both of those, different people were chosen.

My maids of honor are Brandi, Ana, Krista, and Jenna. Kyle is a super honorary extra (since he’s a guy). They are all my MOHs (live with it, Gma!). In a way, I’m really happy that they are all so special to me. A MOH is supposed to be in charge of everything, but each of my best friends are already helping me with this wedding. Maybe I won’t choose just one of them to “manage the operation,” but I heavily rely on each person as much as I would just one MOH.

I am sure they would all try to help me not fall over a cliff. I chose Krista for that one because I always thought she was the strongest. I am sure all of them love Billy.

If I had to choose a MOH for real, it’d probably be my mom. She wouldn’t have to do anything or bustle around being busy, but she’d be a good, and a safe, choice.


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