BM Dresses: Part 2!

By: niftyba

Nov 14 2007

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So… I’m back on the bridesmaids dress issue. It’s a tossup between J. Crew and Siri, but since Siri is much more expensive, J. Crew is still my favorite choice. Plus, they’re just very nice looking and I bet Brandi, Jenna, Krista, and Ana would wear them again and again. AND J.CREW IS HAVING A SALE! RIGHT NOW! ON THE BROWN COLORS I WANTED! OMGEE!!! (I check the J.Crew site almost daily. It’s sad.)

*…* I need to take a chill pill.

Anyways, the dresses I love are on sale, which is good because there’s no way I’d expect anyone in their right mind to pay a full $250. I told my dad the dresses would cost $400, and if he does allow me that, then the BMs will not have to pay as much for their own dress. The following are some of the awesome dresses available! They can most definitely be worn alone, or with a cute sweater or wrap. I’ve blogged about the last dress before- yay for it being on sale!






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