Whoo Whoo!*

By: niftyba

Nov 14 2007

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*Sound a train makes.

Anywho, my decision on the train of my dress has been finalized! It took meforever, too. As I have horribly realized these past few months, I am not a great decision maker when it comes to my own wedding. At first, I wanted a train. Then I didn’t. Then I wanted a sweep train, but I didn’t know how long.

Just so you know, it’ll be a whole TWO FEET. That’s kind of long, isn’t it? Especially for someone like me. Well, just want you to know that I decided on it being that way, and I’m okay with it. I could totally chop off that bit after the wedding and make a shirt (or a new dress for my short body). I wanted it to be uber-long! (But not like Princess Diana’s dress or anything.) So, two feet with a kick pleat. Sounds strange, and it is, but don’t fear- I’ll still look pretty hawt. (Just kidding.)

That’s all for now. I can’t wait to get it! Off to study now.


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