Can’t decide, so I look at pictures all day.

By: niftyba

Nov 16 2007

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I love posting here- I can put as many pictures as I like! Here are some more BM dress choices. I really like Nordstrom’s online. Everything shown here is from Nordstrom. They have a really good selection that could easily pass off as wedding-wearable. My friends have different body types, though, so this is a toughie for me, BUT my friends do look pretty hot, so no worries there. I really like some of the ones here, especially since they’re more readily available and less expensive. The last dress pictured is my top choice.

Here’s a nice dress from Nordstrom’s. It’s only $78! (“Only?” Sheeshies, that’s still a lot.)

Here is a picture of Mrs. Spider’s (from Weddingbee) wedding party wearing thesame dresses.


Another cute pink number– $68.

As U Wish Ballerina Dress (Juniors)

Cute! A dress in the brown color I like- $68.


Nice ivory dress… I don’t care if they wear ivory! It’s a cute dress- $64.


AND: I found some nice ones on SALE. I love things on sale.

Pink dress for $46.90.


I really like this one! $54.90.


And I just love this dress no matter what, for them or for me. $49.90! (I want to buy it!)


This dress is really close to the traditional weird BM style… but I like it. $78.90


And finally, this really cute dress that is apparently “watermelon” colored. Yay! $133.90



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