Who doesn’t want “whimsical line drawings” sent to them through the mail?

By: niftyba

Nov 16 2007

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Billy and I (or rather, only I) have been looking for invitations for a while now. I was going to send them out during XMAS time, but that may be a bit early, so I’m thinking that will be around March instead.

I have a 20% discount code from Hostess with the Mostess for Pear and Peony that is good until the 30th of November. If you know me, you’d know that I’m prone to buy anything if I have a coupon or if I save just $1. I calculated it out, and 100 invitations is still well within our invitation budget, coming out at only $280 before taxes and s/h. Our budget is $400- I am happy with whatever savings we can make.

I had visited Pear and Peony a while ago, and back then, I fell in love with their T Street invitations. The design is apparently based on arial map. It’s got swirls and is clean and not *too* crazy. It’s very whimsical, I think, and it makes me want to write in my strange handwriting. (BTW- I had sent a note to the dressmaker through old-fashioned snail mail, and she said my handwriting was dainty. Interesting. I was afraid she wouldn’t be able to read it!) I e-mailed Aimee and Kirsten at P+P, and Kirsten said the colors of the invitation can be changed to whatever Pantone shade we wanted, or they’ll try to match it. Pretty nifty (but then comes the hard decision of which colors to choose).

I know I’d like a pink and brown invitation, but I love how the black looks in the original design. If our wedding was based on my favorite colors, it’d be black and red. Billy’s would probably be blue and green. Anywho, I saw an invitation at Invited Ink that has a nice pink and brown, so I’ll go ask Billy about it later. I’m afraid what I’ll choose is too “girly.”

I want whatever I pick in my hands now. Is that a bad thing? That’s totally why I ordered my dress two months too early- so I can dance around the house in it. I’m such a girl.


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