Put Your Records On

By: niftyba

Nov 20 2007

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Billy and I are massive lovers of music. I can sing along all day, and all he wants to do is dance, dance, dance. There have been more than one classic mix tapes in our relationship, although they were on CDs! Only my grandma still uses a tape player. (Random: I asked for a karaoke machine as a present from grandpa. I asked for one like they have, but WIRELESS! I would be so stoked if we were lucky enough to receive one! A Wii AND a karaoke machine! Then we’d be party central!)

I have an iPod, but it sadly goes unused as I still listen to CDs every day. Brandi said to me a while ago that she loves getting mixed CDs as a gift, and she’d like that as a wedding favor. I wanted to do that as our favors, but there are some issues that keep popping up: 1) Will everyone enjoy the music we give them? and 2) How do we make them cute?!

Well, I found an idea for problem #2! Introducing a very, VERY cute CD packaging kit! This is shown in the pink offering, which includes 25 sleeves and labels and stickers for decorating (from Amazon).

There are a few other designs that are cute as well! I would love to have these, and if they go on sale sometime soon, I’ll totally buy all of them. On Amazon, they are about $11 each. I assume we will need 125 CD favors since not everyone will need a CD (like all those tiny children that will be present). I think CDs would be awesome because I’d love to get one filled with awesome music!

As for meeting people’s different tastes, I was thinking of doing various mixes, such as classic love songs or modern ones. Billy and I have a wide range of preferences with music, and we’re sure that there would be something for everyone! Right now, we’ve each got Jenny Owen Youngs’ cover of “Hot in Herre” on repeat in our cars… trying to find a way to play that during the reception, and it will definitely make it onto a CD mix.

I’d have to offer an alternative favor for those who do not want a CD, but that shouldn’t be a problem. I love CDs! (I have a huge collection…)


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