Hey, four eyes!

By: niftyba

Nov 21 2007

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I was never teased for wearing glasses as a child. I started wearing them in the fourth grade after I could no longer see the board, and I attribute that time to my dislike of math in school (I couldn’t see the math!). Today, I have made a decision: I will wear my glasses at the wedding. I know, I know- what bride wants to wear their glasses?! Well, spectacles have become a part of who I am. Rarely do I take off my glasses in pictures, and when I do… I look like a whole new person. My decision may change come May, but for now, I’d really like to wear my specs. And I’m thinking about getting news one- yay! (Well, I’d like to get the same exact pair with new lenses that have scratch resistance coating.)

Here are some slightly embarrassing pictures of Billy and I through the years (2002, 2004, and 2007)… with glasses! And a random one of us from 2006, where Billy looks like a LOTR character and I have NO GLASSES. That is not exactly the most flattering (or ladylike) picture of me, but what looks best? If I wanna look like that “hawt model” from a few posts ago, glasses gotta go! (Not that I’d ever look like her. But I’ll try, gosh darn it.) (Looking at these pictures makes me think that Billy and I have only one signature smile.)


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