While I prepare my dinner of ramen before my night class…

By: niftyba

Nov 27 2007

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… I spend my short time perusing my necessary websites: kvetch, weddingbee, bargainist, imdb, popcandy, and yahoo mail. Yep, those are the only sites I check daily… every minute… every second… a million times a day. I think I need to broaden my web browsing.

Two things I wanted to address: our future engagement shoot and a cappella.

One day, Billy and I will have our engagement shoot. We know we want one, but I am concerned about where that would happen. I saw this really cute post on Weddingbee today, but there’s no carnival around here. There’s Disney, but that’d be some serious all day event, meaning a little too much for us. I just want to look like we’re having fun, like we usually are. Some ideas so far have been about places where one can usually find us: on campus at UCF, Baldwin Park and Blue Jacket Park, and the pet store. Those would be awesome and cute, too. I freak out near fish, though, but not as much as I do with lizards! In any case, there will be a Billy, an Ali, and scooters.

As for a cappella: if you know me, you know I love a cappella. Not the corny kind, but the nice kind, if that’s understandable. Kind of like a children’s choir, but with adults. Anyways, I have been wondering if I could use a cappella somewhere, but that would mean I’d have to get someone who could sing like that first. And that is why I’m not thinking about that *too* much. Come on: “Book of Love” in a cappella would be awesome!

Have a lovely night! I must concentrate on very hot ramen right now! And consider making healthier food choices.)


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