Buble! (Accent mark on the “e!”)

By: niftyba

Dec 05 2007

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In stead of studying for my LAST exam, I am watching an episode of “Whose Wedding Is It Anyways?” for the fourth time around and I finally broke down and bought a MICHAEL BUBLE song.

I cannot deny it: I love Michael Buble. He’s got a suit and he sings. And it’s all pretty snazzy. Not that this has anything to do with the wedding, unless I only play his songs during the whole reception.


One comment on “Buble! (Accent mark on the “e!”)”

  1. I think that would be wonderful. Two years ago, I went to a baby shower, and the hostess played Michael in the background through the whole shower, in my honor. It may have been for me, but no one else complained. Michael’s music always puts everyone in a naturally happy state, so it is perfect for any occasion. The more you hear his songs the better you like them and instead of tiring of them, they become like old familiar friends. I have had “Call Me Irresponsible” in my car CD player since May 1, 2007, and I still can’t wait for each song to play.

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