Nice way to freak me out,

By: niftyba

Dec 06 2007

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Thanks,, for your wonderful checklists and COUNTDOWN. (I’m being sarcastic here.) I don’t usually go on the Knot, so the last time I logged on was probably late spring or early summer. I logged on just a tiny bit ago to see some list, and then I was instantly bombarded with a checklist and a countdown. These a good things for people who are on top of things, but sad to say, I could not say I had most of the stuff done. Did you know that we were supposed to even have invitations done by now?! Oh me, oh my.

There are 169 days left until May 24. Start freaking out now.

My main concerns have always been about money, time, and getting things to be how I want. Too bad I have no money or time at the moment, and I rarely know what I want. However, I do know that I need to take a deep breath, step outside of the box, and then start planning this thing head on. Less than 6 months left, Ba!

Okay, enough of that (for now). I’ll probably start settling into full wedding planning mode soon, especially since I’ll have a lot more free time after I graduate. I am also slowly getting into the holiday season, and I’m pretty much booked for the rest of the year. Oh, golly. I need to find a job.


One comment on “Nice way to freak me out,”

  1. don’t stress too much, ba. try setting aside time or planning days to focus on the wedding. we’re here to help if you need us.

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