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By: niftyba

Dec 20 2007

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So… I’ll be M.I.A. for a while. But so will you, I expect, so nothing fishy is going on. It’s just that the holidays are here, and it is the busiest time. This particular holiday season seems to be the busiest ever, with graduation and tons of traveling to be done. I can’t wait until January… when that diet of mine could possibly start.

Anywhoo, tonight, I hope to make these darling babies! I found the link from NotMartha, on the Angry Chicken blog. IT’S CAKE IN A JAR! A JAR! OMG! *…* I swear, things like this make me want to be one of those hybrid stay-at-home moms who can do everything crafty. *knock on wood, because that will probably be me* I’m one step away from buying myself a wood burner, just for kicks. I definitely don’t need one, though, and would rather enjoy every single person who knows me giving me stuff to bake or bake with or on.

This has nothing to do with the wedding, but it is quite lovely and would make a super adorable wedding favor. Imagine having brownies or chocolate cake in a jar, and then popping them in the microwave later on, sliding it out onto a bowl, and topping it with ice cream. *supreme* Billy said we can try making them, so we will tonight hopefully, and I’m leaning towards this recipe

Sometimes, I suffer from fits of craft. Like when I made 18 felt wallets for my Christmas Feelings party for work. *eek* Never again…

Anywhoo, on the more wedding side of things: now that I’ve graduated, I think I can concentrate on getting this done. Well, that and finding a job. A job would help me pay for photography, but then my family has to deal with videography, and that won’t be my fault. I can’t wait to get my dress next month (*fingers crossed!), and I really can’t wait to visit with all my bridesmaids later this month to gab about everything and start scheduling special events. Also, I get to talk to everyone else in my family about everything and what needs to be done next. Which is a lot.

Most important things: setting (and getting) a budget, wedding website, registering for gifts, finding invitations, finding musicians, contracting the caterer, and hotels. Most important thing to me: not freaking out and ignoring the issue until it gets worse (sometimes I do that).


(BTW, Billy and I had a lovely anniversary last week, and we can’t wait to spend some time with each other this weekend on our trip to Pensacola for Thomas’ camp-out.)

(P.S. My dad saw the printed picture of that model I posted a long time ago here, and he kind of got confused, because he really thought it was me. *!!!*)

Random Pictures of Inspiration

You most likely will see these elements at our wedding.

Very lovely handmade wedding invitations.



Mrs. Gummi Bear’s table setup, with the beautiful nests, bare branches with added orchids, and birds peeping out of the midst.

Autumn Floral Square Wedding Invitations Set of 50

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