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By: niftyba

Jan 08 2008

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The holidays were nice, really nice, but I was seperated from my wedding planner at that time, and now I know never to go anywhere without it again. I don’t want to say it, but it’s “crunch time,” and we have 137 or so days left. I thought the day would never come where I’d be able to say there were only a hundred and something days left, but it is now January, and I’ve got to get moving. has once again scared me by posting all the things I have not done yet, so I am going to spend this next week making myself get things done. It’s hard to concentrate, though, when I get sidetracked by looking at flower girls dresses for an hour, and then surf the web for no reason. Billy had to make a list of “to-dos” for this week.

Our list:

Trolley reservation
Guest list
Time table for wedding weekend
Wedding website
Schedule engagement shoot

Instead of a limo, I found a trolley. And I’m pretty darn excited about that one. The guest list is somewhat bigger than expected, but that’s okay- we just wanted to know how many invitations to get. As for everything else… more updates on that later! Bye!


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