By: niftyba

Jan 14 2008

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Dear Urban Outfitters-

You suck! Last week, I went into a tizzy about buying these really nice bird tree thingys, and now you went and lowered the price by $6. I could have saved, like, $27! And that means a lot to me!

… But at least I didn’t buy them when they were $40 each. Now that would have been really stupid on my part.

Lesson learned: wait until a sale, but be weary because sometimes the sale can get even better *after* you buy things.



P.S. I’m still really excited about my bird tree thingys, though. And sadly, a part of me wants to buy more just because they are now $9.99 each. Oh, this is a cruel world. Shopping just because it’s cheap and on sale is a curse.


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