Clang clang clang = trolley.

By: niftyba

Jan 17 2008

Category: Uncategorized

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The title for this post was inspiried from a song in “Meet Me in St. Louis,” but I have never seen the movie, so… I am sorry, Judy Garland. Anyways… we are having a trolley!!! Why?!

1. I do not like limos.

2. Parking at the church is already ridiculous on a normal basis. On Memorial Day weekend, I predict it will be closer to impossible.

3. It’s a trolley. I’ve never been on a trolley before! (Or streetcar, or something. Kyle got me a shirt with one on it once.) How fun will that be?

So, Trolley #30, we are pleased to meet you. You are a strange light blue, but at least you are not orange or purple.


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