It’s a good color.

By: niftyba

Jan 24 2008

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My favorite colors are black and red. I like those colors because varients on the hue* are plenty awesome: grey and pink. Once upon a time, way before I got engaged, I wanted a dark red and black winter wedding. I would have had the ceremony at night, with everyone wearing dark red and black, and it would be pretty darn formal. Then plans changed after I got engaged, and we had to pick a date. While I was sooo wanting to choose a December wedding date, we ended up with May because it was better for most people. The colors changed radically to reflect the season: pastels, of course. If you know me, I like bright reds, but I do not like bright pinks (like hot pink… eww), greens, oranges, or yellow. I’m not much of a bright color person (unless it’s a setting sun or bright red nail polish). It was kind of hard to choose a color, until I realized I loved neutral light colors, such as the ones found in the shabby chic/Victorian furniture of my grandmother’s house.

Anywho, I didn’t really need to go into a color talk, but I just wanted to tell anyone who is getting married in the future that GREY is going to be the next big color. And if I were having that really dark looking winter wedding, that would look so good. OoOOo, grey and black. How lovely. With, like, dark red roses. (What am I? Morticia from “The Addams Family?!”)

*I forgot what “hue” meant. I don’t even think that sentence made any sense. I learned about color in film class last semester, and my teacher would be down my throat right now about not discussing color correctly. Was I supposed to use “intensity?” Or something? I don’t know…


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