Want to Watch Ba Fall?

By: niftyba

Jan 25 2008

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I have a few requirements for the shoes I wear on my wedding day: they must look interesting, be somewhat comfy (at least for the reception), re-wearable, and not be white. I plan on wearing different shoes for the ceremony and the reception. I don’t usually buy shoes, so I have spent an interesting time looking at Zappos, Piperlime, department stores, and lots of other shoe places online. I initially planned on wearing just flats throughout the whole wedding, since Billy is only three inches taller than me, but now I have changed my mind. Heels seem more formal than flats, and decreases the chance of me running around like a 5 year-old that day. Too bad I am a train wreck on heels: I can barely move in such things.

Here are the flats I want to get, and the heels I would like to get as well. I found them at Anthropologie, and they are both on sale for $49.95 each. I wish I could order a size 6 1/2 in the heels, but they are out-of-stock, and I have not been able to find another source for them anywhere online. Boo! I may purchase them, but I would be so sad if I had to return the shoes due to their being too small. Why must I have the biggest feet in my family?!?!?!


One comment on “Want to Watch Ba Fall?”

  1. i love both the shoes! i was shocked by the heels at first, but i think it would tie you to the plaid in the kilts really well- like in a really cute girly way. and the flats match your decorations!

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