Children’s clothing = pretty much the cutest things ever!

By: niftyba

Feb 04 2008

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I have FOUR flower girls. Well, I haven’t asked one of them to even be a flowergirl yet, but I am hoping to have four. This is strange because they cannot even throw petals at any time during the wedding. Not a problem, though- I’m all about flaunting the cuteness, and these babies are cute! They are my little sister Anika, my cousins Ainslie and Eva Mae, and my niece Nakia. Three of them are around the same age, and Anika will be 1+ year old this May. I hadn’t really thought about flowergirl dresses while planning. I knew I wanted something simple, non-traditional flowergirl like, and rewearable. I think I found the perfect dress!

Meet the Tea Collection Noor Lawn Dress. It is available in a variety of sizes for several ages, and in the colors of apple (green), lily (pink), yuzu (yellow), and milk (white). I love all of the colors, but I would choose either the lily or the milk. The photos I found online are adorable, and they have some asian kids posing in some of them, so that was a good reference. Ooooh, they are so cute! And affordable- compared to the usual $100+ spent on flowergirl dresses, these can be purchased on sale for $28. This was such a welcome discovery after scouring countless children’s shops online, and even visiting children’s clothing shops at the mall (weird for both Billy and I). The girls can most definitely wear this dress for the wedding and many times afterwards, under pants or with layers.


And these would look cute with them, from Target for $12. I’d be pretty happy to find some cute pair of gold ballet flats, though. Just another thing to search for…

Toddler Girls' Circo® Meli Ballet Flats - Strawberry

2 comments on “Children’s clothing = pretty much the cutest things ever!”

  1. Hi Ali,

    Ainslie would love to be one of your flower girls. The dresses really are adorable. It’s probably safe to get Ainslie a size 3. I can order them myself if you’d like. That way Ainslie can get use to wearing it and I can check if Target has those little shoes here. They’re so cute – I may buy a couple pairs so that she can wear a an extra pair before the wedding.

    Love you, – Aunt Vilma

  2. hey!!
    love the cute dresses!
    wow! you have four flowergirls….the weddings sure going to be a partaayyy!

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