By: niftyba

Feb 11 2008

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I just realized I never blogged about our photographer! Oh, deary- thinking about the long process that was involved in finding and booking a photographer makes me dizzy, which is probably why I have not revisited the issue in months. I am so happy to have Heather Ahrens as our photographer. We were unable to book someone in Pensacola (busy Memorial weekend + uber-high prices = not cool), and then we started getting antsy and even looked into people in Tallahassee and Jacksonville. Then I came across Heather’s website, which I had actually visited a loooooooong time before I had seriously started looking for a wedding photographer. I had remembered it’s cheery design, but after I started looking for photographers in Pensacola, I forgot about ones here. Good thing I went back and searched! The first thing on Heather’s website is “HA! Photography.” Of course a Bi and a Ba had to choose that person! Heather is actually in Orlando, which isn’t Pensacola, but Orlando is our HQ at the moment, so being able to meet her in-town without driving 8 hours to Pensacola was a big plus. It turned out to be easier to deal with someone closer to where we are now, than somewhere else. Also, we got to have our engagement session in New Smyrna, our similar looking replacement for Pensacola. Billy and I aren’t the most comfortable or photogenic of people in front of the camera, but as long as we’re getting photographs of our wedding day from a talented person, we’re pleased as punch!

Plus, it was awesome to have a second wedding vendor who loved Amelie. The first one was Kate Dolarmore, another local who drew a portrait of us in front of Old Christ Church. She has a great Etsy shop, so check her out! I have this general rule of, if possible, only working with people who are cool, have common interests as Billy or myself, or are Filipino. Not too shabby.


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