Bouquets I Actually Love

By: niftyba

Feb 12 2008

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As of this moment, I am having a mostly flowerless wedding. I don’t often care for flowers unless they’re uber-cute or from Billy, and sometimes, they look really odd to me. But, if I did have flowers, I would have bouquets like these. Last week, I fell head-over-heels with the dahlia as a wedding flower… only to find out that they bloomed in late summer/fall. Shucks, just my luck. (I like pink, btw.)


Pearlescent Pink Bouquet
Note: Why would I ever choose carnations?
1. They are cheap.
2. They are cute and puffy and come in pink.
3. Carrie’s favorite flower on Sex and the City. She receives a beautiful bouquet of them from Berger, who is a big sissy, but my favorite Carrie bf of all time. (I still hope they get together… even though he’s stupid. I am not a fan of Mr. Big.)
4. In The Shop Around the Corner (… and in You’ve Got Mail…), a single carnation is carried by the main characters to signify themselves to their “blind dates” (aka, “special correspondence friends”). I love that detail. Plus, I love James Stewart AND Tom Hanks. Can’t help it.

To stick with my theme, however, I may just have to make this. (It’s paper!)


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